04 Nov, 2023

Top Dental X-Ray Services In Affordable Price: Teeth X Ray Cost In Kolkata

Do you want to know how oral X-ray helps you regain your charming smile? Well, photo paper of the dental X ray sheet can help your dentist identify the root cause of your oral problems. But, teeth X Ray cost in Kolkatavaries in each part of the city. Read this blog to find out the different teeth X Ray cost in Dumdum Kolkata.

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The Best Teeth X Ray Cost In Kolkata: What Is Dental X-Ray?

If you have ever visited a dental clinic, then you would know. That, dentists perform dental X-rays to diagnose the problems inside the mouth. Did you know that intraoral X-rays are also called radiographs?

Yes, that's right! The internal image of your jaw and teeth helps the best teeth doctor in dumdum like us to produce you with the correct information about the underlying oral problem. Whether it is a cavity, tooth bone loss, gum disease, or oral hygiene problem, everything can be seen on the radiographs of dental X-ray.

One day, my friend came panicking to my clinic of smile designing in Dumdum. Saying that, she has been suffering from swelled painful gums for the last 3 days. As a dental surgeon, I opted for a dental X-ray on her. And, I easily understood seeing her oral image reports, that she urgently needed a root canal treatment.

Are you thinking why did I share my story with you? 

Well, to show you the importance of teeth X-rays and how they can help us save time in providing you with excellent services.

But, you should also remember that teeth X ray cost in Kolkata may vary from location to location. And, is also decided upon the type of dental X-ray you are opting for.

So, read this blog with me to understand the various teeth X ray cost in Dumdum Kolkata. Read on.

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Types Of Dental Xray And Their Cost In Dental Clinics In Kolkata

Running successful dentistry in the best dental clinic Dumdum for several years, I will tell you what the different types of dental X-ray and teeth X ray cost in Kolkata in eminent diagnostic centres are like.

Digital OPG teeth and full mouth X-ray costs Rs. 500 in most of the dental clinics of Kolkata. Whereas, single teeth cost around Rs. 150. However, you must check with your dentist about the different molar X-ray costs before going for one.

So, are you ready to discover the types of dental X-ray in Kolkata?

1) Bitewing X-Ray

As a renowned dentist, I can say that this is the most common type of X-ray. We, dental doctors in India use, review, and assess tooth decay, cavities, and bone density of teeth. This X-ray type is especially used to treat pedodontics oral problems.

Bitewing X-ray cost in Kolkata: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000 approximately.

2) Periapical X-Ray

Another popular dental X-ray method is the periapical X-ray. You do not know why?

Well, it is because this is the most common X-ray type to solve the problems of our patient's tooth and roots. This X-ray type focuses on identifying the dental issue of an individual teeth or tissue.

I at Smiley Dental Clinic, can help you fight tooth and gum problems. So, that you can get a transformative smile. Can you guess the right cost for a periapical X-ray at our clinic? 

Well, you can get it done in just Rs.150 with us. Such affordability that you can't believe, right?

3) Panoramic X-Ray

A panoramic X-ray is then needed when we, dental practitioners need to examine the entire mouth for further oral treatment. It gives a lengthy view of the entire mouth.

It is especially helpful for me when I have to perform oral surgery, orthodontics, and pedodontics.

Panoramic X-ray cost in Kolkata: Rs. 600 to Rs. 1,500 approx.

What Are The Affordable Dental Care Locations For Teeth X Ray Cost In Dumdum Kolkata?

Staying in the heart of Kolkata, I can say that this city is home to several eminent and reputed dental doctors. Who can solve any oral problem inside their patient's mouth in the blink of an eye. But, do you know where you can find the most affordable teeth X Ray cost in Kolkata?

Do not worry! I have all the answers to your questions here. Are you excited to find out the teeth X Ray cost in Dumdum Kolkata, already?

Wait no longer! Continue reading the blog to find out.

Bangur Avenue: Friendly Teeth X Ray Cost In Dum Dum

Treating more than 8000 patients in the past 13 years. I have come across a list of affordable and best dental X ray cost of dental procedures in Dumdum from my friends and colleagues in the same field. And, I can say that Bangur Avenue is a prime location in the heritage city of Kolkata. That offers top-notch dental X-ray costs in eminent hospitals and clinics here.

You can visit any dental consultation here if you are looking for an affordable teeth X ray cost in Dumdum Kolkata.

Nagerbazar: Cost-Effective Digital X-Ray Cost In Dum Dum

If you are someone who resides in a nearby location in Dumdum, Kolkata. Then, booking your dental x-ray slot in Nagerbazar can benefit you in several ways.

Don't know how?

I will tell you that, firstly Nagerbazar has a range of multi-specialty clinics and hospital. That gives you access to a wide range of dental X-ray services. Secondly, you can detect dental problems easily with the cost-effective and best diagnosis X-ray report here.

So, isn't this place a top provider of fair and best dental X-ray services in Kolkata?

There are other prominent locations in Dumdum like Airport, Central Jail, and Kaikhali that offer dental X-ray services at modest ranges.

Best dental clinics that provide dental X-ray services image of a girl sitting in front of computer

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Why Choose Our Smile And Dental Clinic For Budget-Friendly Teeth X Ray Cost In Kolkata?

Is your oral health hygiene restricting you from smiling wholeheartedly? Worry no more, as Smiley Dental Clinic is here to make your dental problems vanish with our nurtured dental treatment services. 

Not only that, we offer comprehensive supervision of even the smallest dental problems with utmost care. But, as you know to start with any dental procedure. We need to go with a regular dental X-ray to find out the root problem. So that, we can prepare for the next stage of dental check-up of your soft tissues or orthodontic.

But, I know you won't be able to believe the dental teeth X-ray cost in our clinic. Can you?

Well, it won't pinch your pockets a bit plus you would be getting the best dental and oral treatment. Under professional supervision at the best affordable price that will amaze you.

So, when are you planning to visit our clinic to solve your dental problems?

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Teeth X-ray is an integral part of almost every dental procedure. And, teeth X ray cost in Kolkata, especially in Dumdum. Provides the best X-ray reports with high-quality 2D pictures of your inner oral mouth without exhausting your bank balance.

You can also find out the variety of services we provide at our clinic on our website of Smiley Dental Clinic.