04 Oct, 2023

Root Canal Treatment Cost In Kolkata: Know From The Best Dentist

Suffering from dental problems due to tooth decay? This might be the reason for tooth decay or tooth infection. Know how you can save your teeth with simple dental treatments by the best dentist in Kolkata. Read to find out, root canal treatment cost in Kolkata.

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What Is Dental Root Canal Treatment In Kolkata?

Root canal procedure or RCT is the ultimate dental care treatment of dentistry hygiene. The best root canal treatment involves several steps to finally save an infected tooth. Do you have a damaged or infected tooth? Then, you might be seeking dental care help immediately. The root canal treatment includes the removal of the infected pulp from the interior tooth tissue. So that you can get relief from severe pain due to inflammation or the growth of bacteria inside your mouth.

While root canal treatment might be a painless procedure. You must visit the best dental clinic Dumdum or Kolkata for a smooth dental treatment experience. As the service provider of the best root canal treatment in Dumdum, we urge you to go for this treatment at the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

You can visit us, to have dental implants and fillings that are involved in the RCT treatment at the best affordable rates. There are a few factors that consider the root canal treatment cost in Kolkata. Let's find out for you.

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Key Factors Influencing Root Canal Treatment Cost In Kolkata?

Root canal treatment cost in Kolkata depends on several factors. The density of the infected teeth level also determines the pricing of such expensive treatment. However, as the best teeth doctor in Dumdum, we will guide you through the factors that affect the root canal treatment cost in Kolkata. We provide the best services of RCT along with crown and fracture treatment in Dumdum. 

1)Spot Of The Clinic

The major factor that determines the pricing of RCT treatment depends on the location of your dental clinic. If you choose dental clinics that are based in prime locations of the city or around any industrial hub. Then you might have to pay a huge sum of money to get your treatment done. 

However, we believe in providing the ultimate solution through our treatment process in Dumdum at an affordable price so that money does not become a constraint for you.

2) Years Of Experience

You must always visit dentists who have expertise in the given field to have a safe treatment process. While dentists with more experience may charge a huge amount for dental treatment. Smiley Dental Clinic has the best dentists in Kolkata, who can solve your tooth problems in the blink of an eye. Our expertise or experience in this noble field does not affect the cost of root canal.

3) Position Of Tooth Problem

If you are looking forward to RCT treatment for your molar teeth then you might have to pay more than treatment for the front teeth. This is because the molar tooth in our mouth has several roots that need to be treated more carefully. Damaging one root can cause serious dental problems and immense pain that includes swelling.

So, if you have damaged molars then you might have to pay higher charges for the safe removal of your infected tooth by the procedure of root canal.

4) Level Of Infection Or Damaged Tooth

The seriousness of your dental problem is the chief aspect that determines the cost of your dental treatment. You must already know that root canal treatment cost in Kolkata is already an expensive procedure as it requires precision as well as time.

If you can detect your infection at an early stage. Then, the decay or trauma can be extracted and done in a single sitting. This will not worsen the situation for you but also the pulp of the tooth will feel less pain or discomfort. Thus, you can say that more decayed or damaged teeth can cost you more even to get a single appointment at the dentist clinic.

5) Number Of Multispeciality Dental Or Endodontist Sitting

Generally, root canals are cleaned in three sittings. But as we mentioned, the severity of your teeth problem decides the total number of sits you require for this treatment. These common dental treatments often require teeth whitening, dental filling, and metal crown for cracked teeth.

Thus, the RCT cost depends on your dental procedures and the treatment of oral hygiene inside the tooth. If the treatment can be done within one sitting then it will not cost you much. But if it requires several after treatment, then you might have to pay some extra.

6) Use Of Advanced Dental Services And Equipment

There are several kinds of advancements that have come to light in performing the treatment of root canals. You might need painless local anesthesia in your advanced treatment service. You can have a completely painless experience in the overall treatment with advanced services.

We would suggest you go for laser root canal treatment for the best oral hygiene and after-procedure safety even if the cost is high.

7) Price Of Root Canal Materials Used

The price of this treatment also vary depending on what material is being used by your root canal specialist. If your dentist or endodontist uses premium materials like crown. Then, the charges are a little high but it will assure you more safety and precision.

8) Additional Type Of Treatment

RCT cost in Kolkata usually ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on the intensity of pain and damage. The procedure of root canal treatment includes several after-treatments to preserve the tooth and clean it.

So ultimately, depending on what type of treatment you need after the root canal decide the final pricing of the process.

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Root canal treatment cost in Kolkata may change over time depending on experts, their service, and the locality of the dental clinic. However, these few factors are something that plays the prime role in determining your root canal treatment budget.

You can visit Smiley Dental Clinic in Dumdum for painless smooth dental care experiences including root canal treatment and restoration. You can also check out our website of Smiley Dental Clinic for treatment-related queries and more.