06 Dec, 2023

A Complete Guide On Affordable Dental Braces Cost In Kolkata

Do you know that your quality smile can hugely impact your confidence and well-being? That is why, as the best dental clinic in Kolkata, are here to solve your problems regarding misaligned teeth or crooked teeth. Read this blog with us to know the different dental braces costs in Kolkata and orthodontic treatment for a happy smile with aligned and clear teeth set.

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Dental Braces In Kolkata - Correcting Your Happy Smile

In a world where oral health plays a pivotal role in shaping overall health, an arranged set of teeth is the dream of many that function better and last longer to make your dental health optimal like never before.

So, are you someone suffering from irregular or misaligned teeth?

Well, then the best dental clinic in Dumdum, let us introduce you to the world of dental braces and its benefits. Before you start reading this post by our best dentist in Dumdum, You need to know that dental braces are a device that can straighten crooked teeth and also help in jaw correction.

Apart from root canal treatment in Dumdum, Our teeth care multispecialty dental clinic also practices orthodontic treatment options that are affordable for you. Thus, we are here to bring your radiant smile back with affordable teeth braces cost in Kolkata.

So, are you ready to explore types of braces for your teeth and dental braces cost in Kolkata?

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What Are The Types Of Dental Braces In Orthodontic Treatment?

When thinking about orthodontic treatment, does the term dental metal braces come to your mind?

Well, that's not the case as always. Smiley Dental Clinic has a reputed orthodontist and top dentist in Kolkata, Who offers cheap and affordable dental braces in Kolkata with a wide range of dental and aligned teeth braces. That will help you to reshape your mismatched teeth in return for a vibrant and dazzling set of teeth for a confident smile.

So, let's find out the different types of dental braces for teeth and jaw alignment treatment for you.

1) Orthodontic Metal Braces

If you are looking for the cheapest dental braces cost in Kolkata. Then you must consider getting metal braces for teeth alignment and correction. Traditional braces consist of metal brackets and wires. Our best orthodontic dentist places inside your mouth to correct the misaligned teeth.

Traditional teeth braces price in Kolkata is generally lower than the other types of braces available in the dental treatment method. 

2) Ceramic Braces

You can already guess as the name Ceramic Braces suggests. That you will get teeth alignment braces that are the same colored as your teeth. Ceramic braces are comparatively less visible on the teeth. While it follows the same method of wiring and brackets as metal braces.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to traditional braces affordable braces treatment costs in Kolkata. Then, ceramic braces are the right option for you. Though ceramic dental braces cost in Kolkata is slightly higher. It serves the purpose of making your teeth aligned. While solving problems like overlapping teeth or tooth bone erosion.

3) Lingual Braces

The technology used in lingual braces differs a lot from the other dental braces available. And as a dentist, we generally do not recommend lingual braces. As it might hurt your tongue or you may feel speech issues while wearing lingual braces.

Lingual braces are a hidden dental treatment option that is placed behind the teeth. So, if you are worried about the visibility of your dental braces. Then you must proceed with lingual braces.

4) Invisible Braces

Are you looking for a customized dental braces option that is easy to adjust or remove?

Then, our best dentist has the top choice saved for you. Invisalign braces are the most popular choice among many. When they are looking for different dental braces cost in Kolkata. For, the invisible braces are comfortable to wear. And are the only option that allows you to easily remove the braces without any expert dental help. 

As the name suggests, they are invisible in nature and custom fabricated. Though invisible braces cost in Kolkata are high. You can get the value back for money invested with invisible dental braces at our dental clinic.

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What Are The Factors Influencing The Cost Of Dental Braces In Kolkata?

Are you worried about the various dental braces cost in Kolkata?

Worry no more, we are here with a detailed analysis of the various factors that can influence teeth braces cost in Kolkata. Read with us to find out what are those:

1) Types Of Teeth Braces

The foremost thing that affects the cost estimate of dental braces treatment in Kolkata is the type of dental braces that you choose. Each dental brace has a different average cost. 

As a renowned dental care practitioner, our most affordable braces cost Kolkata are the metal braces cost in Kolkata. While, invisible braces price in Kolkata are the most expensive compared to metal, lingual, and ceramic braces.

2) Experience Of Dentist

The expertise and experience of dentists and dental surgeons are also one of the primary reasons for the fluctuating cost of teeth braces in Kolkata. The more experienced the dentist is in their respective field, the more charges you can expect in the dental braces treatment.

But, we at Smiley Dental Clinic, believe in providing high-quality solutions and dental braces to everyone so that they can solve their dental problems at affordable prices with our best dentist in town.

3) Total Number Of Dental Appointments

Your dental condition is another reason that affects the treatment for dental braces cost in Kolkata. If you have severe tooth decay and gum disease apart from misaligned or crooked teeth. Then, the dental length of treatment will require more appointments with your dentist.

Thus, the charges for treatment and braces price in Kolkata will be higher.

4) Types Of Oral Treatment Or Equipment Used

Different dentists use various dental equipment and procedures for shaping irregular tooth positioning and jaw positioning of your mouth. The more advanced technology the dentists use can also influence the final cost of your dental braces treatment.

5) Post-Dental Braces Treatment Care

Each patient has a different oral condition that varies from the others. Therefore, they require different post-dental braces care according to their specific need. 

Your doctor can estimate the total cost for your dental braces treatment only after reviewing what type of braces you need or what maintenance care you need to follow post-treatment.

What Are The Dental Braces Treatment Cost In Kolkata?

Dental braces treatments are generally practiced by orthodontists in Kolkata, who specializes in their respective field of providing you the benefits of dental braces with their treatment method. So, if you are someone who has irregular tooth movement or needs to align your teeth. Then, you must know the different teeth alignment cost in Kolkata that the top dental clinics offer.

As we have mentioned, your teeth or dental braces cost in Kolkata varies on a number of factors. But, you can expect a starting price of orthodontic braces in Kolkata at Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1, 50,000. Metal braces are the most affordable option for you to choose from as they start from a minimal price range.

As the best dentist in Kolkata, our clinic offers the most affordable dental braces, where you can get metal braces starting at just Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000. We offer affordable dental treatment solutions for all types of dental braces so that you can take care of your dental health while not burning down your pocket.

Why Choose Smiley Dental Clinic For Affordable Braces Cost In Kolkata? 

Choosing the best dental clinic is the optimal option that you must look for before proceeding with your dental braces treatment. While there are so many dental clinics and multispecialty hospitals that offer dental care. But, considering the right one will give you a positive outcome in less expected time.

Have you ever imagined what would happen if your dentist does not know what treatment is the best for you while treating you with dental braces?

Well, you already know the result. Don't you?

This is why, our dentist at Smiley Dental Clinic has more than 12 years of experience in treating patients with severe dental conditions. Not only that, we offer a personalized treatment approach for all patients catering to their specific dental needs and wants. 

Our dentist specializes in providing compassionate dental care with advanced technology so that you can stay relaxed and pain-free throughout your dental braces treatment journey with us. So, if you are looking for affordable dental braces cost in Kolkata that contain both quality and expertise. Then, Smiley Dental Clinic is the best option for you.

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Dental braces treatment is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health and hygiene. That is why, you must consider the financing and cost options that dental clinics and hospitals offer in Kolkata for this treatment.

You can also contact us on our website Smiley Dental Clinic to learn more about various dental treatments.