09 Sep, 2023

11 Oral Care Tips for Smokers in Kolkata- Dental Hygiene

Are you looking for oral hygiene tips for smokers in Kolkata? We will provide you with oral health and gum hygiene tips in this blog.

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Everything You Need To Know About Oral Hygiene Tips for Smokers

Maintaining oral health along with mental and physical health has become very important in the present times, especially in Kolkata. The use of nicotine is one of the root causes for tobacco stains and other gum disease. 

Smiley Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinic Dumdum. As the best dentist in Dumdum, we have to deal with a lot of people who face challenges to quit smoking. That is why the best dental care one can get if they are smokers and ex-smokers is by following oral hygiene tips for smokers.

Do you know why smoking is called to be injurious to health? It is because it can cause decay in your mouth, bad breath, and even oral cancer if you are a regular smoker. We care for your good oral health and we suggest you visit dental professional checkups to protect your teeth and to minimize oral health problems.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few of the oral hygiene tips for smokers to reduce the adverse effects of smoking. Read on with us.

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Top Oral Care Tips For Smokers

So, are you a smoker or your loved one is addicted to smoking? Then you must follow these few oral hygiene tips for smokers to minimize the risk of mouth infection.

1) Dental Checkups

If you want to fight dental diseases and want to improve bad oral health and dental hygiene, then you must visit dental care or professionals regularly. This will save you from the severe consequences of smoking.

2) Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoke over time results in decay and gum disease like bleeding gums, tooth decay, and even mouth cancer. So, if you are among the smokers who want to have good oral health then it is best to cease smoking at all.

3) Healthy Teeth And Gums Routine

Smokers can still take care of their hygiene cleanings by brushing their teeth with good toothpaste and toothbrush. If you too are a smoker, then you should also brush your teeth at least twice daily to have a teeth whitening effect.

4) Use Of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the main agents that can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. It can also visibly reduce bad breath among smokers.

5) Floss Everyday

Oral hygiene tips for smokers also include the practice of flossing your teeth after mouthwash. This ensures plaque removal while maintaining the overall smoker's mouth. 

6) Hydrate Your Mouth

Smokers have the risk of developing oral cavity. That is why, the right care is needed. Smoking causes dryness in the mouth and if you are trying to quit smoking then you should drink plenty of water and fluids to reverse the effects.

7) Chew Sugarless Gums Or Clove

Clove or clove oil is not only good for your teeth but it can also keep dental problems at bay. You can start by using chewing gums daily to reduce the habit of smoking cigarettes. 

8) Restrict Drinking Caffeinated Beverages

Did you know you can improve your oral health by drinking less amount of tea and coffee? Yes, tea and coffee contain caffeine that can make yellow stains on your teeth. So, if you do not wish to add on to the stains caused by smoking then you should limit drinking caffeinated beverages to protect your mouth.

9) Cease The Use Of Sugar

If you are a smoker, then you already have poor oral hygiene. That is why, in oral hygiene tips for smokers, we would suggest you stop using sugar in your food items to have strong teeth.

10) Use Moisturizing Balms On Lips

Smoking causes a number of dental problems, one among them is the darkening of the lips. You can start using a good lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized along with smoking cessation.

11) Check Your Mouth For Regular Dental Visits

If you were a heavy smoker in the past, or have just quit smoking. Then you must have timely professional dental cleanings to protect your oral care. You should also look out if your mouth has any changes like cavities, lumps, or any pain sensation. You can visit us for ultimate oral hygiene results. 

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You must remember smoking not only causes dental problems. But it also has a life-threatening impact on your health. As the best dental clinic in Dumdum. We have provided you with a few of the best oral hygiene tips for smokers to take good care of a smoker's teeth and mouth.

You can also check out our website of Smiley Dental Clinic to know more.

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