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Why You Must Go For Teeth Scaling in Dumdum?

Do you hesitate to smile fully, worried that those yellow stains on your teeth will steal the spotlight?

Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for this dental issue - Teeth Whitening in Dum Dum. This gentle yet effective dental surgery is more than simply a cosmetic enhancement; it is the best remedy for your overall oral health.

Consider it a reset button for your smile, removing not only stubborn stains but also those hidden threats such as plaque and tartar. Meet the best dentist in Dumdum who understands the value of a confident smile. We're here to make your path to healthier, whiter teeth as painless as possible.

Teeth Scaling in Dumdum
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The Incredible Oral Health Benefits Of Teeth Scaling in Dumdum

Say Goodbye To Gum Disease

Scaling prevents gum diseases and ensures a strong foundation for your teeth, keeping them healthy and secure.


No More Plaque Buildup

It removes stubborn plaque, preventing tooth decay and promoting a cleaner, brighter smile, free from harmful bacteria.


Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Scaling improves oral hygiene by preventing cavities and bad breath and maintaining a fresh, pleasant mouth.


Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

It reduces tooth sensitivity by eliminating plaque and tartar, offering relief and increasing comfort throughout daily activities.


Protects Your Pearly White

Regular scaling protects your teeth from damage, preserving their natural structure and promoting long-term dental health.


Bid Farewell To Bad Breath

It removes the bacteria responsible for bad breath, ensuring a fresh and pleasant breath for better social interactions.


Boost Your Overall Health

Oral health is linked to your overall well-being. Scaling contributes to a healthier lifestyle by preventing the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Get A Beautiful Smile

It can bring a beautiful smile to your face by improving the appearance of your teeth by removing stains, resulting in a brighter smile.


Healthy Wallet And Pearly Teeth

Visiting a dental clinic for scaling can save you from expensive dental treatment and also ensure your long-term oral health.


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Step into a world of exceptional dental care at the best dental clinic in Dumdum, where taking care of your smile is our top priority. I'm Dr. Sanchari Bhatta, your smile expert and it's my pleasure to invite you to experience the finest in teeth scaling services.

With a commitment to your well-being, me and my staff ensure a gentle and precise teeth scaling process. We make use of modern technologies, and world-class amenities to provide you the best dental care in the city.

We maintain proper hygiene standards and provide post-dental care instructions to make your dental care journey smooth, safe, and pain-free.

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6 Alarming Signs Your Teeth Are Begging for a Scaling Makeover

Persistent Bad Breath

Bad breath that persists even after regular brushing and flossing may indicate bacterial accumulation.


Bleeding Gums

Regular bleeding of the gums, especially when brushing or flossing, suggests the possibility of gum disease.


Tooth Sensitivity

Increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli can indicate enamel erosion and requires immediate teeth scaling.


Visible Tartar Buildup

Noticeable yellow or brown deposits on teeth are signs of tartar which can cause tooth decay if not treated on time.


Swollen or Tender Gums

Swelling or tenderness in the gums may signal inflammation and can cause pain and discomfort while eating and brushing.


Changes in Tooth Appearance

Changes in the size, shape, or color of teeth might also indicate dental problems and require teeth scaling.


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Two Procedures, One Healthy Smile!

What Is The Difference Between Tooth Scaling And Root Canal Surgery?

Root canal treatment in dumdum and tooth scaling are two different dental procedures designed to treat various dental problems.

Scaling is a preventive treatment that removes plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of the tooth and along the gumline. It keeps the teeth clean and healthy, which helps to prevent gum disease, cavities, and bad breath.

Root canal surgery, on the other hand, is a therapeutic operation performed when the pulp of the tooth, which houses nerves and blood arteries, becomes infected or gets damaged. During a root canal, the infected pulp is removed and the tooth is sealed to prevent further problems. Both can contribute to a beautiful smile and oral health in different ways.

Teeth Scaling in Dumdum
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Why Visit Our Clinic For Teeth Scaling in Dumdum Kolkata?

Proper Sterilization Protocols

Rest assured with our commitment to strict hygiene and safety protocols, ensuring a clean and safe environment.


Trained Dental Specialist

Our dentists have vast experience in providing pain-free, gentle, and effective teeth scaling services.


Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Our dental clinic is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools to address your oral health issue accurately.


Flexible Appointments

Our flexible booking process makes it easier to schedule appointments that fit your hectic schedule.


Personalized Care

Get personalized attention and care from our experts that is tailored to your specific dental needs.


Post-Treatment Guidance

Receive comprehensive post-treatment guidance and care instructions to maintain the results of your teeth scaling


Some Common Myths Related To Teeth Scaling in Dumdum

You might have heard people saying that you shouldn’t go for teeth scaling as it is painful or affects your teeth. But the reality is much different from what you know already.

Myth 1: Teeth Scaling Is Painful

Reality: Modern dental techniques, including local anesthesia, make it a painless procedure.


Myth 2: Scaling Is Only For People With Gum Disease

Reality: Teeth scaling is a preventive measure for everyone. It removes plaque and tartar, preventing gum disease and promoting overall oral health.


Myth 3: Scaling Causes Teeth To Become Loose

Reality: Properly performed teeth scaling does not make teeth loose. In fact, it promotes good gum health.

Myth 4: Scaling Damages Tooth Enamel

Reality: Professional scaling does not damage tooth enamel. The tools used are designed to remove tartar without damaging the enamel.

Myth 5: Scaling Is Only Necessary If You Have Visible Stains

Reality: Regular scaling is essential for maintaining oral health and preventing various dental issues.

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What To Expect During And After Teeth Scaling In Dumdum?

Dental Examination

Our dentist begins the process with a comprehensive examination of the level of plaque and tartar development.



We use specialized equipment to remove plaque and tartar between teeth and along the gum line.


Professional Flossing

After scaling, our dentist will ask you for a rinsing of your mouth with liquid fluoride that removes any leftovers in your mouth.


Fluoride Treatment

Following scaling, you will get a fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth and provide further protection against cavities.


Post-Scaling Examination

Our dentist examines the treated areas to ensure that all tartar and plaque have been successfully removed.


Post-Scaling Care Instructions

Finally, you will get instructions on proper brushing and flossing techniques, and other dental care habits to maintain a good smile.

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FAQs Related To Teeth Scaling Procedure

The cost of scaling varies, but it typically ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.2000 or more, depending on your dental condition.

Scaling is often not painful because it is conducted under local anesthesia, and it offers a comfortable experience to the patient.

Yes, scaling can effectively remove surface stains from teeth, enhancing their appearance and promoting a brighter smile.

Scaling is used to remove plaque and tartar, while whitening is used to change the color of teeth; the choice is based on your individual needs.

A typical teeth scaling session lasts around 30 to 60 minutes, providing efficient plaque and tartar removal for improved oral health.

We recommend scaling at least twice a year to prevent gum disease, and cavities, and maintain good oral hygiene.