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Is your child suffering from dental care problems? Worry no more, as the best dental clinic in Dumdum, we provide extensive pediatric dentistry treatment for children. We at Smiley Dental Clinic ensure that each of our child patients gets a friendly approach throughout their dental care checkups and treatment. Our best dentist in Dumdum has years of knowledge and expertise and specializes in pediatrics dentistry treatment in Dumdum. Her approach to pediatric dental treatment is the one that your child needs for hygienic oral health. Get connected now!

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Dedicated Pediatric Dentistry In Dumdum For Happy And Healthy Smiles

Welcome to Smiley Dental Clinic in Dumdum! We are excited to introduce Dr. Sanchari Bhatta, a dedicated and compassionate pediatric dentist in Dumdum specializing in exceptional dental care for children. Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of treatments to meet the unique dental needs of children. With a focus on creating a positive and comfortable environment, our team strives to promote healthy smiles and instill good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Dr. Sanchari Bhatta and our experienced professionals are committed to providing gentle and compassionate care, ensuring your child's comfort throughout their dental treatment in Dumdum. We aim to build trusting relationships with our young patients and their families, fostering a lifetime of excellent oral health in a warm and nurturing environment.

If you are looking for a child dentist in Dumdum, trust Dr. Sanchari Bhatta and our experienced team at Smiley Dental Clinic. Schedule your child's appointment today and let us provide gentle and effective dental care, ensuring their dental health and beautiful smiles for years to come.

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What Is Pediatrics Dentistry Treatment In Dumdum?

Choosing pediatrics dentistry treatment in Dumdum means fostering a positive dental care attitude for the youngest member of your family. As the best clinic for smile designing in Dumdum, we have top-notch dental preventive treatments that can make your child's first visit to our clinic painless and comfortable. 

Dr. Sanchari Bhatta at Smiley Dental Clinic is one of the top pediatric dentist Dumdum, who has good knowledge about pediatric dental issues with over 12 years of experience now. Take your child to our best dental clinic for an early diagnosis of your child's dental problem and find the best services offered here for healthy oral treatments.

We provide the best approach to taking care of your child's oral health with our superspeciality tooth treatment. So that, your child feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the comprehensive pediatric dentistry care at our clinic. Our specialized pediatric dentist Dumdum offers gum and tooth decay treatment and implants, cavity treatment, and root canal treatment along with an emergency dental approach. So that, the little ones can be safe from future unseen dental issues.

Book appointment today and know all the details about pediatric dental consult timing with us at Smiley Dental Clinic.

Pediatric Dentistry In Dumdum
Know Why

Your Child Needs Pediatrics Dentistry Treatment In Dumdum

Treatment For Growing Teeth And Gums

Pediatric dentist Dumdum specializes in handling urgent dental and tooth issues that can be threatening for your infants. She can help preserve pediatric dental health by providing preventive measures for tooth decay, cavities, and other oral disorders.


Customized Dental Care

We know the importance of oral health and hygiene for your child from the infant stage. Our dentist specializes in providing optimal tooth care habits that will keep your child's tooth problems at bay.


Habit Counselling For Children

Habits like thumb-sucking can be difficult to get rid of if not controlled from the early stages. Our dental expert excels in ameliorating this habit for your baby with her friendly counseling approach. While educating your child about healthy dental practices.


Best Miniature Dental Equipment

We understand that there is no point in getting your child to visit a dentist who uses regular-sized dental equipment. Our pediatric dentist Dumdum, knows what exactly her small patients need. Thus, she aims to make dental treatment fun with her diminutive instruments for treating children's oral problems.


Ensure Your Little Ones' Dental Health With Exceptional Treatment With The Best Pediatric Dentist In Kolkata. 

Discover Our Multispeciality Dental Treatments For Children!

Types Of Pediatric Oral Procedures At Our Clinic In Dum Dum

Dental Cleaning And Care

Our over-the-top pediatric dentistry treatment in Dumdum has the best equipment and methods for regular dental cleaning. Ensuring that your child gets a clean and brighter tooth for a healthy smile. Professional teeth cleaning once every six months can defeat gum and oral problems that your child may face in the future.


Early Diagnosis And X-Rays 

X-rays are an inevitable part of pediatrics dentistry treatment in Dumdum. It plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of oral problems for infants and helps in assessing the proper treatment required for them. So that, they can be relieved from severe oral problems like toothache and bleeding gums.


Dental Fillings

Our pediatric dentist Dumdum has the best equipment for dental fillings to battle cavities and oral injuries among children. Our expert child-friendly dental filling approach can restore oral stability without causing any pain or unnecessary discomfort for your child. 


Pediatric Teeth Bonding

Our dental expert knows the value of aligned and clean teeth. That is why, we have the best bonding and teeth alignment treatment for children that can easily fix their crooked, chipped, or overlapping teeth. You can be ensured that your child faces no pain or problem throughout our excellent pediatric teeth bonding procedure.


Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Pediatric tooth extractions are necessary in cases when a tooth is severely damaged and is beyond repair. Our dentist carefully executes the process so that infants and children feel comfortable throughout the treatment. In some cases, sedation or pediatric dental surgeries are also followed by advanced technology.


Prompt Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be terrifying and painful at times. It is also mostly common among infants and growing children. Our dentist provides optimal pediatric emergency care for every oral problem. So that, you do not need to worry if your child accidentally breaks a tooth while playing or even if it is a sudden toothache.


Get Ready To Transform Your Child's Healthy Smile With The Top Pediatric Dentist Dumdum

Why Is Our Pediatric Dental Approach The Best For Children?

Choosing a dentist who knows how to handle kids and their dental issues is crucial, so that, your child gets comfort, reliability, and a friendly environment for easy dental treatment and consultations.

As an eminent pediatric dentist Dumdum, Dr. Sanchari Bhatta has a friendly pediatric approach to help you solve your child's dental problems with the use of modern technology and the best oral equipment. Get comfort and positivity in one place with our pediatrics dentistry treatment in Dumdum with:

  • Fun And Playful Interactions Throughout The Pediatric Dental Journey
  • Detailed And Effective Communication About Pediatric Dental Problems With Top Solutions
  • Gentle And Easy Approach For Children To Make Them Feel Safe And Relaxed
  • Children-Friendly Environment At Our Dental Clinic
  • Positive Attitude To Motivate Children About Practicing Best Oral Care Routines.

Why Should You Choose Our Pediatric Dental Services At Dumdum Kolkata?

We take immense pride in mentioning that our dentist and her diagnosis and treatment are one of the best that you can get in Kolkata. With over 12 years of expertise and experience, our dental doctor has helped people achieve radiant smiles while minimizing dental problems that could be life-threatening.

Not only that, as a renowned pediatric dentist Dumdum, Dr. Sanchari Bhatta knows what are the best treatment methods for oral problems among infants and children. She ensures that every kid leaves with a smile on their face with her friendly attitude. While, diminishing the possibilities of severe pediatric oral problems.

We take utmost care of children throughout their visits to our clinic and help them maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine through proper counseling as well.

So, prepare to book doctor appointment with the best pediatric dentist Dumdum today!

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