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Restore Your Smile with Advanced Dental Implant in Dumdum

Welcome to Smiley Dental Clinic, where Dr. Sanchari Bhatta, a highly skilled and compassionate dentist in Dumdum, is dedicated to providing exceptional dental implantation services. We understand the impact of missing teeth on your oral health and overall well-being, which is why we are committed to delivering personalized and high-quality dental care to restore your smile.

Dr. Sanchari Bhatta brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for dentistry to our clinic. With extensive training and 11 years of experience in dental implantology, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricate art and science behind dental implant procedure. Her gentle and patient-centered approach ensures that each patient receives individualized treatment, tailored to their unique needs and desires.

At Smiley Dental Clinic, we offer best dental implant services to replace missing teeth and restore functionality, aesthetics, and confidence. Whether you have a single missing tooth or require a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Sanchari Bhatta utilizes the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal results.

Dental Implants in Dumdum at Smiley Dental Clinic

Transform Your Smile with Dental Implant in Dumdum - Take the First Step towards a Beautiful New You

Revitalize Your Smile, Renew Your Confidence!

Importance Of Dental Implants In Kolkata

The importance of dental implant in Dumdum, Kolkata cannot be overstated. They do more than just making your natural teeth and smile appear great. They keep your mouth healthy and lets you eat comfortably. These specific metal roots, which are implanted in your jawbone, ensure that your replacement teeth remain firmly in place. This prevents complications such as your jawbone getting weaker and movement in surrounding teeth. They also keep your jawbone strong and your face looking excellent. This surgical procedure can help dental patients in Kolkata regain their confidence and enjoy a perfect smile once again. You can expect excellent treatment from our skilled doctors at the best dental clinic dumdum throughout your implant journey. We prioritize your comfort while providing customized solutions for all of your dental needs.

Dental Implant

What Are The Benefits Of Best Dental Implant In Dumdum

  •  Implants help to maintain the health and strength of your jawbone, preventing it from deteriorating.
  • They prevent nearby teeth from shifting or moving.
  • Dental implants appear natural and can improve your smile, improving your confidence.
  • You can eat your favorite dishes without trouble, just like you would with natural teeth.
  • Dental implant placement can last a lifetime if properly cared for, making them a reliable solution.
  • Dental implants can't get cavities, so you won't need to worry about tooth decay.
  • Unlike dentures, implants are set in your mouth and do not need to be removed for cleaning or sleeping.
  • Implants do not lie on your gums. So, there will be no sore places or inflammation.
  • While the initial cost may be little bit higher, implants might save money in the long run if properly cared for.

Restore Your Smile With The Best Dental Implant In Dum Dum

Because Your Smile Matters Most!

Who Needs Dental Implant In Dumdum?

Tooth implant provide a transformative solution for people dealing with a variety of dental issues. They are an excellent solution for missing teeth, decay, or congenital absence. Furthermore, people who have unpleasant or ill-fitting dentures might benefit immensely from implants because they offer a strong and secure alternative. Those who have trouble chewing or speaking as a result of reduced dental function will also find this dental treatment to be an effective improvement.

Furthermore, individuals who are concerned about preserving their jawbone density and general facial structure might consider implants as an effective preventative approach. Regardless of age, dental implants offer a solid and lasting solution, ensuring a confident smile and enhanced quality of life for years to come.

Dental Implant

Visit Smiley Dental Clinic For Dental Implant In Dumdum 

Know About Your Dental Implant Procedure


Meet with our specialist to discuss your needs. Our specialist will examine your condition and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for implants.

Treatment Planning

Our dentist will create a personalized treatment plan based on your implant type, placement location, and timeline.

Bone Assessment

X-rays or CT scans are used to evaluate bone density and quality at the implant site.

Tooth Extraction

If an existing tooth needs to be pulled, it will be extracted before the beginning the process of dental implantation.

Implant Placement Surgery

As an artificial root for the replacement tooth or teeth, the titanium post is surgically implanted your jawbone.

Healing Period

You need to wait for several months which allows Osseo integration. In this healing phase the implant fuses with the jawbone, ensuring the stability and durability of future restorations.

Abutment Attachment

Once the wound has healed, an abutment is inserted to securely connect the implant post to the final restoration.

Crown Placement

The final crown or prosthetic tooth is securely attached to the abutment.

Final Evaluation

Our dentist evaluates the implant's stability, fit, and overall function.

Post-Procedure Dental Care

Our dental clinic also provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain oral health and implant longevity.

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Why Visit Our Superspeciality Dental Clinic In Kolkata?

World-Class Expertise

Our doctors in dum dum are highly skilled and experienced. They are all committed to giving you excellent care. We ensure that you receive the greatest degree of dental care accessible by focusing on super-specialized treatments.


Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves on staying updated with the use and knowledge of dental technology. Our clinic is equipped with advanced tools and equipment that allows us to offer you the most advanced and effective treatments available in modern dentistry.


Comprehensive Range of Services

Our clinic provides comprehensive dental care, from routine check-ups and cleanings to sophisticated tooth procedures. We have the knowledge to meet your specific needs, whether you require orthodontic treatment, dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry.


Patient-Centric Approach

Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Our team is dedicated to delivering a warm and friendly environment that will make you feel at ease throughout your visit. We take the time to listen to your concerns and personalize our treatments to your individual needs.


Hygiene and Sterilization Standards

We follow the strict hygiene and sterilization measures. Our clinic is make sure that all of our patients have a clean and safe atmosphere. You can be confident that your well-being is the top priority of Smiley Dental Clinic.


Emphasis on Education and Prevention

We believe in educating our patients about their oral health. Our professionals are committed to educating you on the finest practices for keeping your smile healthy. We hope to maintain your smile bright and brilliant for years to come by using preventive measures and excellent dental hygiene advice.


We Offer Low Cost Dental Implant In Dumdum

We are proud to provide a revolutionary solution for missing teeth - low-cost tooth implant cost at our dental clinic in Dumdum. We know the importance of a whole, functional smile and we believe that everyone deserves get tooth implant done at an affordable price. Our professional implant specialists combine expertise with a focus to affordability, ensuring that you receive high-quality care at affordable cost. We've streamlined the implant process, making it more accessible to a wider audience, using modern tools and facilities and a patient-centric approach. Say goodbye to the discomfort of removable dentures and enjoy the durability and natural feel of dental implants. Book appointment online to regain a bright and confident smile.

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Why We Are The Best Dental Implants Doctors In Dumdum Kolkata?

When it comes to dental implants in Dumdum, Kolkata, Smiley Dental Clinic stands out as the best option for dental care. Our dental surgeons take great satisfaction in providing the best dental implantation care available. With a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists, we approach each case with accuracy and personalized care. From the initial consultation to the final restoration, our treatment of dental implants are designed to provide our valued patients with painless experiences. Trust us for the finest and painless dental implantation and experience a transformative journey towards a healthier, more confident you.

Dental Implants
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Recent Enquiries On Dental Implants in Dumdum Kolkata

Dental implantation is usually done under local anesthesia, which reduces pain throughout the surgery. Mild discomfort may occur, but it is manageable with over-the-counter pain medicines.

Yes, dental implantation is considered a safe procedure when performed by qualified and experienced dental professionals using proper sterilization and techniques. Complications like implant failure are rare, and the success rate is high.

The dental implant procedure can takes 2 - 3 months and includes stages such as initial examination, implant implantation, osseointegration, and crown attachment. 

Individuals with uncontrolled chronic health issues, such as diabetes, or those receiving head or neck radiation therapy, are advised to avoid dental implants. 

The ideal age for dental implants is generally when growth is complete, around 18-25 years old. However, eligibility is determined by individual criteria such as oral health and bone density, making it necessary to seek personalized guidance from a dentist.

The cost of a dental implant in Dumdum, Kolkata, might vary depending on factors such as implant type, additional operations required, and clinic price.  It's best to consult with the dental clinic for an accurate price tailored to your specific case.